Welcome to RIF 2021/2022!

Welcome to a new school year for with the Reading Is Fundamental program! We're thrilled to have you onboard as a reading volunteer! This page will serve as the "bulletin board" for the RIF program this year. Bookmark it and check back frequently for announcements and updates.

RIF Room Information

Book'em's RIF Room is back at Rose Park Middle School this year! Recommended hours for book pickups is Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30am. Rose Park starts at 8am and ends at 3pm during the week, so we recommend avoiding those times because of high traffic at the building.

When you enter the school, please sign in at the Book'em RIF Binder in the front office before you make your way to the RIF Room (next to the Band Room on the first floor). Your bag for pick up is located directly outside the RIF Room doors.

Book Recommendations for Volunteers

If you need any help on picking books for students and don't want to borrow from our selection, feel free to peruse our reading recommendations online! We have a great list of read alouds, but we also highly recommend utilizing the public library or purchasing from Parnassus Books, Half Price Bookstore, or McKays.

Read Aloud Recommendations

RIF Orientation Presentation

If you want to look over the presentation from our RIF Orientation sessions, feel free to flip through the slides.

RIF Orientation Session

2021/2022 RIF Virtual Volunteer/Teacher Assignments

Thank you for signing up as a reading role model for the 2021/2022 school year! While we all navigate the continued complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your flexibility as we work to make the Reading Is Fundamental program accessible to both students and our volunteers.

Please note that all volunteer slots for this school year have been filled. If you know of anyone who would be interested in being a RIF reader next school year, please direct them to our Volunteer Application. 

You can find your teacher assignment below, based on school. Schools are listed alphabetically. Click on your school name to expand the selection.

Unless previously discussed with the Book'em team and your school, all reading volunteers will be reading IN PERSON this year. While in schools, all volunteers will be required to abide by MNPS COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols, including, but not limited to wearing a mask and signing in at all schools.  Book'em will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for all volunteers prior to the first classroom visit. 

As in previous years, volunteers can again pick up books for their students at Rose Park Middle School. The RIF Room is open between 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday. As discussed in orientation, there is a new system in place to choose books for your students that minimizes unnecessary contact with the books. If you need assistance with choosing or delivering books to your classroom, please let us know.

If you have additional questions, please email Melissa at melissa@bookem-kids.org.

Carter Lawrence Elementary

Address: 118 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-291-7333
School Liaison: Michelle Sadler, donna.sadler@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Marlisa Smithson marlisa.smithson@mnps.org Jean Reynolds
K Brittany Fishpaw brittany.fishpaw@mnps.org Courtney Bisig
K Sijuwola Oyewumi sijuwola.oyewumi@mnps.org Jenny Lopez/David Dobson
1 Crystal Keefe crystal.keefe@mnps.org Hannah Reinbold
1 TJ Massey taylor.massey@mnps.org Brittney Jerkins
2 Yolanda Cornelius yolanda.cornelius@mnps.org Catherine Pattison
2 Elizabeth Kyle elizabeth.kyle@mnps.org Becky Meagher
3 Dr. Melissa Andrews melissa.andrews@mnps.org Sharon Cheek
3 Katrina Cotton katrina.cotton@mnps.org Karen Weil
3 Brynn Hancock brynn.hancock@mnps.org Scott Newman
4 Tiffany Frierson tiffany.frierson@mnps.org Nathan Webb
4 Meredith Harris meredith.harris@mnps.org Abigail Reynolds
4 Elisaliz Lopez elisaliz.lopez@mnps.org Allyson Cohen

Charlotte Park
Address: 480 Annex Ave, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-353-2006
School Liaison: Samantha Schmutterer (samantha.schmutterer@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
K Jessica Bloomrosen jessica.bloomrosen@mnps.org Amanda Livsey
K Elizabeth Cate elizabeth.cate@mnps.org Jane Stumpf
K Jacquetta Sears jacquetta.sears@mnps.org Mary Isenman
K Carrie Sisco carrie.sisco@mnps.org Melanie Tomlyn
1 Shashawn Covington shashawn.covington@mnps.org Amanda Livsey
1 Terry Harwell terry.harwell@mnps.org Lisa Boling
1 Rebecca Lawson rebecca.lawson@mnps.org Paizley Wilburn
1 Faith Legate faith.legate23@gmail.com Paige Shapiro
1 Catherine Tarne catherine.tarne@mnps.org Izel Leon
2 Jennifer Graham jennifer.graham2@mnps.org Wes Boling
2 Julie Griffin julie.griffin@mnps.org Stanley Frank
2 Angenique Saulter angenique.saulter@mnps.org Maureen Hill
2 Wanda (Toni) Wallace wanda.wallace@mnps.org Ann Ercelawn
2 Emily Whittemore emily.whittemore@mnps.org Maureen Hill
3 David Maddux david.maddux@mnps.org  
3 Sharon McWright sharon.mcwright@mnps.org Megan Pinson
3 Jennifer Ross jennifer.ross@mnps.org  
3 Olivia Schad olivia.schad@mnps.org  
4 Kimberly Kampe kkampe17@gmail.com  
4 Anna Lee Mclean anna.mclean@mnps.org Lou Anne Dulaney
4 Makayla Walker makayla.walker@mnps.org  
4 Alexandra Bald (Thurman)  alexandra.thurman@mnps.org  


Address: 4701 Indiana Ave, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-298-8075
Liaison: Joe Fitzgerald joe.fitzgerald@mnps.org 

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Danielle Laterza danielle.laterza@mnps.org  
PK Lauren Tassie lauren.tassie@mnps.org Davis Turner
PK Vacancy    
K Kimberly Batts kimberly.batts@mnps.org Elle Ternes
K Amber Montgomery amber.montgomery@mnps.org Jerry Brase
1 Melissa Glasgow melissa.glasgow@mnps.org Genevieve Collado
1 Regan Jernigan regan.jernigan@mnps.org Heather Patchett
1 Tiffany Monroe tiffany.monroe@mnps.org John Norris
2 Jessica Cottle jessica.cottle@mnps.org David Harris
2 Lucia Hutcherson lucia.hutcherson@mnps.org Christina Norris
2 Kelly Lowe kelly.fellman@mnps.org Rodger Dinwiddie
3 Kenetia Butler kenetia.butler@mnps.org  
3 Lauren LeGrand lauren.legrand@mnps.org  
3 Mychelle Mackay mychelle.mackay@mnps.org  
4 Lenee Campbell lenee.campbell@mnps.org  
4 Amy Dore amy.dore@mnps.org  


5060 Colemont Drive, Antioch, TN 37013
Phone: 615-333-5043
School Liaison: Sarah Nieto sarah.nieto@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Blackburn, Kenya kenya.blackburn@mnps.org  
PK McGee, Becky rebecca.mcgee@mnps.org  
PK Watson, Janey jane.watson@mnps.org  
PK Woods, Shatika shatika.woods@mnps.org  
K Love, Rachel rachel.ison@mnps.org Kim Estep
K Brady, Leah leah.brady@mnps.org  
K Ferrari, Maureen maureen.ferrari@mnps.org  
K Monte, Lesa Ann elizabeth.mone@mnps.org  
K McNitt, Kathleen kathleen.mcnitt@mnps.org  
K Freshour, Jessica jessica.freshour@mnps.org  
K Pugh, Nykeyah nykeyah.pugh@mnps.org  
1 Al-Hasan, Jaclene jaclene.al-hasan@mnps.org  
1 Armstrong, Kimberly kimberly.armstrong@mnps.org  
1 Wells, Nafateria nefateria.wells@mnps.org  
1 Brice, Lynn lynn.brice@mnps.org  
1 Ridings, Lindsay lindsay.ridings@mnps.org  
1 Dowdy, Michaela michaela.dowdy@mnps.org  
1 Jackson, Melissa melissa.jackson@mnps.org Lisa Eshleman
2 Bell, Tessey tessey.bell@mnps.org Cathy Wind
2 Staak, MaryAnn mary.staak@mnps.org Jennifer Esler
2 Rapheal, Hailey hailey.rapheal@mnps.org Nila Sathe
2 Arnold, Megan megan.arnold@mnps.org  
2 Perry, Lashauna lashauna.perry@mnps.org Anne Hatmaker
2 Friend, Jennabeth jennabeth.friend@mnps.org Miranda Blasingame
2 Becerra, Yamilex ybecerra@mnps.org Ellen Adams


Address: 4401 Chandler Road, Hermitage, TN 37076
Phone: 615-885-8806
School Liaison: Tonya Venters tonya.venters@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Jennifer Smoot jennifer.smoot@mnps.org  
PK Madeline Christin madeline.christin@mnps.org  
K Kara Baldwin kara.baldwin@mnps.org Howard Kittell
K Tammy Jones tammy.jones@mnps.org Creea Shannon
K Deanna Noonan deanna.noonan@mnps.org  
K Holly Temple holly.temple@mnps.org Ed/Connie Williams
1 Addison Denney addison.denney@mnps.org Sabrina Osse
1 Leslie Goodwin leslie.goodwin@mnps.org  
1 Lilly Rogers lilly.rogers@mnps.org  
1 Karen Stake karen.stake@mnps.org  
2 Meghane Gainey meghane.gainey@mnps.org  
2 Stephanie Rhoton stephanie.rhoton@mnps.org Jessica Crowder
2 Denise Slona denise.sloan@mnps.org  
2 Tabitha Stanton tabitha.stanton@mnps.org  
3 Alyssa Gorman alyssa.gorman@mnps.org  
3 Emily Harris emily.harris@mnps.org  
3 Melissa Kurras melissa.kurras@mnps.org Toni-Ann McCartney
3 Logan Walling logan.walling@mnps.org  
4 Heather Blankenship heather.blankenship@mnps.org Louise Mason
4 Rhonda Gordon rhonda.gordon@mnps.org Erik Moses
4 Nicole Presley nicole.presley@mnps.org Pat Schaffer


Address: 707 S. 7th St, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: 615-784-8222
School Liaison: Jessica Talbot, jtalbot@explore.school 

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
K Jessica Bohannon/Jasmine McGee jbohannon@explore.school; jmcgee@explore.school  
K Jennifer Knight; Johnetta Bennett jknight@explore.school; jbennett@explore.school  
K Carole Hawkins; Raven Boggs chawkins@explore.school; rboggs@explore.school  
1 Jocelyn Titus jtitus@explore.school  
1 Cara Bishop cbishop@explore.school  
1 Teresa Sanders tsander@explore.school  
1 Maggie Risley mrisley@explore.school Theresa Carl
2 Bailey Beckham bbeckham@explore.school  
2 Brittany Brown bbrown@explore.school  
2 Victoria Schnaufer vschnaufer@explore.school Buck Forcum
2 Hannah Junod hjunod@explore.school  
3 Caroline Spall & Sami Weinberg cspall@explore.school; sweinberg@explore.school  
3 AJ Ecton aecton@explore.school Bill Norton
3 Ariana Jasko ajasko@explore.school  
4 Elise Offutt eoffutt@explore.school  
4 Jeremy Hubrins jhubrins@explore.school  
4 Keara Graham kredden@explore.school Rachel Dyer
5 Holly Parker hpowell@explore.school  
5 Lauren Boswell lboswell@explore.school  
5 Amanda Holloway aholloway@explore.school  


Address: 510 Wedgewood Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-291-6380
School Liaison: Alexa MacKay alexa.mackay@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Mary Brady/Sherri Flanagan mary.brady@mnps.org Peggy George
PK Diana Flegal/Isis Scruggs diana.flegal@mnps.org Corinne Owen
PK Elizabeth (Lizzy) Madden/Lisa Stafford elizabeth.madden@mnps.org Takisha Wingfield
PK Anna Strickland/Mary Shawkey anna.strickland@mnps.org Lisa Link
K Esohe Roland esohe.roland@mnps.org Allison Wisialowski
K Rebekah Rhodes rebekah.rhodes@mnps.org MATERNITY LEAVE
K Stephanie Legan stephanie.legan@mnps.org Janet Boosalis
1 Tia Hambrick tia.hambrick@mnps.org Maleah Hanken
1 Caroline Combs caroline.combs@mnps.org Maria Rivera-Lupu
1 Jennifer Jasmin jennifer.jasmin@mnps.org Jenifer King
2 Christina Gordon christina.gordon@mnps.org Lisa Link
2 Karina Lasso karina.wegner-lasso@mnps.org Christine Kaddaras
2 Kelsey Rich kelsey.rich@mnps.org Jacquese Groves
3 Lauryn England lauryn.england@mnps.org Ashley McEachern
3 Tina Smith tina.smith@mnps.org Sarah Rochford Benfield
3 Kathleen Murphy mary.murphy2@mnps.org Michelle Lewis
4 Whitney Ellis whitney.ellis@mnps.org Trinity Upshaw
4 Jiff Burnell jennifer@burnell@mnps.org Laetitia Hoskins
4 Patricia Vasili-Rivard patricia.vasili@mnps.org Kren Teren


Address: 200 Finley Dr, Nashville, TN 37217
Phone: 615-360-2900
Liaison: Lora Rausch lora.rausch@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Taylor Kellogg taylor.kellogg@mnps.org  
K Tara Coogan tara.coogan@mnps.org  
K Brittany Montgomery brittany.montgomery@mnps.org  
K Kelly Triplett kelly.triplett@mnps.org  
1 Taylor Lyneis taylor.lyneis@mnps.org  
1 Briana Sircy briana.sircy@mnps.org Michelle Ward
1 Megan Whitney megan.whitney@mnps.org  
2 Deborah Kennedy deborah.kennedy2@mnps.org  
2 Lisa Lansden lisa.lansden@mnps.org  
2 Peggy Robertson peggy.robertson@mnps.org Melissa Spradlin


Address: 1020 Patricia Dr, Nashville, TN 37217
Phone; 615-360-2906
School Liaison: Undetermined

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Molly LeMay Molly.LeMay@mnps.org Lynne Maynor
PK Brigid Whitaker Brigid.Whitaker@mnps.org Stacey Pierce-Nickle
PK Kristina Finkey kristina.finkey@mnps.org Paige Orrick
K Hadley Baker Hadley.Baker@mnps.org Kelly O'Conner
K Michael Beno Michael.Beno@mnps.org Jennifer Gildersleeve
K Karen Carter Karen.Carter@mnps.org Kelly O'Conner
K Tiffany Doss Tiffany.Doss5@mnps.org Kelly O'Conner
K Mikka Maderal Mikka.Maderal@mnps.org  
1 Nicole Hughey Nicole.Browning@mnps.org Clara Houin
1 Janice Johnson Janice.Johnson@mnps.org Patty Erwin
1 Tammy Lauderdale tammy.lauderdale@mnps.org Susan Williams
1 Sarah Williams Sarah.Williams@mnps.org  
1 Hannah Younker Hannah.Younker@mnps.org  
2 Jessica Henderson Jessica.Henderson@mnps.org  
2 Mary Horton Mary.Horton@mnps.org  
2 Elisa Martinez Elisa.MartinezIbarra@mnps.org  
2 Caitlin McGill Caitlin.McGill@mnps.org  
2 Debra Tillery Debra.Tillery@mnps.org  
2 Anna Grace Wolfe Anna.Wolfe@mnps.org  
3 Misty Ash Misty.Ash@mnps.org  
3 Tanya Drossner tanya.drossner@mnps.org  
3 Hailey Klapwyk Hailey.Klapwyck@mnps.org  
3 Sara Tapia-Ruano Sara.Tapia-Ruano@mnps.org  
3 Lori West Lori.West@mnps.org Debby Gould
4 Erik Green  Erik.Green@mnps.org  
4 Jessica Lopez Jessica.Lopez@mnps.org  
4 Andrea Morris Andrea.Morris@mnps.org  
4 Gary Norris Gary.Norris@mnps.org  
4 Katherine Settle Katherine.Settle@mnps.org Rachel Kenyon
EE Quanita Hastings quanita.hastings@mnps.org Pam Sheridan


Address: 3790 Turley Dr, Nashville, TN, 37211
Phone: 615-333-5170
School Liaison: Atlee Tyree, atlee.tyree@mnps.org


Grade Teacher Teacher email Volunteer
K Whitney Kirby whitney.kirby@mnps.org Jacqueline Villamizar
K Mia Walker Mia.Walker@mnps.org Adam Hall
K Matt Stuteville Robert.Stuteville@mnps.org Jared Talbot
K Anne Marie Murphy Anne.Murphy@mnps.org Brandon Handlin
K Sandra Coleman Sandra.Coleman@mnps.org Daphne Palakie
K Jordan Abell Jordan.Abell@mnps.org Chris Bufalino
1 Jennifer Gramling Jennifer.Gramling@mnps.org Sheila Kellar
1 Lauren Slaughter Lauren.Slaughter@mnps.org David Noble
1 Chloe Johnson Chloe.Johnson@mnps.org Rhonda McKissick
1 Benjamin Waites Benjamin.Waites@mnps.org Kimberly Pinkston
1 Lourdes Luster Lourdes.Luster@mnps.org Maggie Werschmidt
2 Priscilla Serrano Priscilla.Serrano@mnps.org Michelle Scott
2 John Plunk John.Plunk@mnps.org Rhonda Read
2 Catalina Bejan Catalina.Bejan@mnps.org John Walsh
2 Deirtra Bledsoe Deirtra.Bledsoe@mnps.org Lareen Schmitt
2 Sarah Rudolph Sarah.Rudolph@mnps.org Sarah Messer
3 Katie Alexander Katherine.Alexander@mnps.org Paul Joyce
3 Erin Clemens Erin.Clemens@mnps.org Dawn Osborn
3 Dana Perryman Delores.Perryman@mnps.org Doreen Degroff
3 Madison Powell Madison.Powell@mnps.org  
3 Danielle Aslett Danielle.Aslett@mnps.org  
3 Sara Jessica White sarajessica.white@mnps.org  
4 Katie Fleming Katelyn.Fleming@mnps.org Christopher Wickersham
4 Sarah Zimmerman Sarah.Zimmerman@mnps.org Adriana Goldrick
4 Rachel Bissell Rachel.Bissell@mnps.org  
4 Savannah Curry Savannah.Curry@mnps.org  
4 Eric Henley Eric.Henley@mnps.org  

Ida B. Wells

Address: 244 Foster St, Nashville, TN 37207
School Liaison: Shemika Haywood shemika.esaw@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
K Kendra Benion kendra.benion@mnps.org Christine Kaddaras
K Natasha Massey natasha.massey@mnps.org  
1 Ashley Moore ashley.moore@mnps.org Ian Dinkins
1 Kiona Morehead kiona.morehead@mnps.org Robin Born
2 Katie Liggett katie.liggett@mnps.org Kalpana Gowda
2 Megan West megan.west@mnps.org  
2 Selina Whitehead selina.whitehead@mnps.org  
3 Frances Harper frances.harper@mnps.org  
3 Bernard Lafayette bernard.lafayette@mnps.org Charlie Hannon
4 Merlene Barlow merlene.barlow@mnps.org William Allen
4 Cori Paquin cori.paquin@mnps.org Hongming Chen

Paragon Mills

Address: 260 Paragon Mills Rd, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-333-5170
School Liaison: Shana Feldpausch shana.feldpausch@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Celia Cox-Harrison celia.cox-harrison@mnps.org Heather Thieling
PK Michelle Delacey michelle.delacey@mnps.org  
PK Lynn Hawblitzel lynn.hawblitzel@mnps.org  
PK Layra Parker layra.parker@mnps.org  
PK Dalila Suarez dalila.suarez@mnps.org Brenda Reed
K Lea Bermudez lea.bermudez@mnps.org Jocelyn Kirk
K Allison Conrad allison.conrad@mnps.org Destiny Brown
K Brooke Michel brooke.michel@Mnps.org Jana Whittle
K Ashley Wiley ashley.wiley@mnps.org  
K Emma Russo emma.russo@mnps.org  
1 Shelby Robinette shelby.robinette@mnps.org  
1 Molly Murrell molly.murrell@mnps.org  
1 Michelle Clay michelle.clay@mnps.org  
1 Emma Garcia emma.garcia@mnps.org  
1 Sydney Hill sydney.hill@mnps.org  
2 Christina Wood christina.wood@mnps.org  
2 Sherrye Phelps sherrye.phelps@mnps.org  
2 Melinda Purvis melinda.purvis@mnps.org Andrew Quinn
2 Ashley Morrow (Bolan) ashley.morrow@mnps.org  
2 Skysten Haley krysten.haley@mnps.org  
3 Emma Carpenter emma.carpenter@mnps.org  
3 Camille Lame camille.lame@mnps.org  
3 Justine Lewis justine.lewis@mnps.org  
3 Elizabeth Tinger elizabeth.tingler@mnps.org  
3 Morgan Watkins morgan.watkins@mnps.org  
4 McCleary Moss mccleary.moss@mnps.org  
4 Edna Robbins edna.robbins@mnps.org  
4 Cathleen Hollingsworth cathleen.hollingsworth@mnps.org  
4 Christie Jordan christie.jordan@mnps.org Toby Lowenfels
4 Molly Goen molly.goen@mnps.org  

Park Avenue

Address: 3703 Park Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-298-8412
School Liaison: Ashley Clinton ashley.clinton@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Carrie Hall carrie.hall@mnps.org Andre Patterson
PK Melissa Lon-LaRosa melissa.long@mnps.org Mary Louise Linn
K Janet Chan janet.chan@mnps.org Tom Surface
K Courtney Hamilton courtney.hamilton@mnps.org Laura Hunt
K Jennifer Zellner jennifer.zellner@mnps.org Elizabeth Surface
1 Rachel Norton rachel.norton@mnps.org Tracey Lewis
1 Cherish Meriwether cherish.meriwether@mnps.org Kelley Lach
1 Tiffany Brown tiffany.brown@mnps.org Amber Gold
2 Kim Mays kimberly.mays@mnps.org Lisa Spencer
2 Monique Gant monique.gant@mnps.org Shari Barkin
2 Carolyn Gehlmann (has a sub) carolyn.gehlmann@mnps.org Jocelyn Eggerson
3 Patricia Harris patricia.harris@mnps.org Brady Spencer
3 Adriane Henry adriane.henry@mnps.org Sarah Rudd
3 Misty Stemnock misty.stemnock@mnps.org  
4 Jackie Headd jacqueline.headd@mnps.org Beatie O'Connell
4 Felicia Watkins felicia.watkins@mnps.org  

Tom Joy

Address: 2201 Jones Ave, Nashville, TN 37207
Phone: 615-262-6724
School Liaison: Stella White stella.white@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Rachel Douget Rachel.Douget@mnps.org Susan Williams
PK Monica Hill Monica.Hill@mnps.org Jennifer Bostwick
K Shirley Johnson Shirley.Johnson@mnps.org  
K Kendra Jones Kendra.Jones@mnps.org  
K Maya Manns Maya.Manns@mnps.org  
K Emily Sabino Emily.Sabino@mnps.org  
1 Shaundra Woodmore Shaundra.Woodmore@mnps.org Jeannette Holland
1 Ruth Ann Dillon Ruth.Dowlen@mnps.org  
1 Tracy Giles Tracy.Giles@mnps.org  
2 Andre Washington Andre.Washington@mnps.org  
2 Emilyanne Mathis Emilyanne.Mathis@mnps.org  
2 Alexandria Pagano Alexandria.Pagano@mnps.org  
2 Hannah Spear Hannah.Spear@mnps.org  
3 Kara Strickland Kara.Strickland@mnps.org  
3 Tracy Glodo Tracy.Glodo@mnpa.org  
3 Coco Atkinson Collina.Atkinson@mnps.org  
4 Sarah Besand Sarah.Besand@mnps.org  
4 Courtney Chase Courtney.Chase@mnps.org  
4 Amy Gammenthaler Amy.Gammenthaler@mnps.org  
EE Christy Patterson Christy.Patterson@mnps.org Lindsay Bryant


Address: 626 Russell St, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: 615-291-6395
School Liaison: Chenier Brown chenier.brown@mnps.org

Grade Teacher Name Teacher Email Volunteer Name
PK Rachel Witt rachel.witt@mnps.org Julie House
PK Allison Barnes allison.barnes@mnps.org Jennifer Turner
K Dazarae Miller dazarae.miller@mnps.org Kali Huff
K Lauren Wiltshire-Grozenski    
K Amber Updegrove amber.updegrove@mnps.org  
1 Carol Bain-Gates carol.bain@mnps.org Melissa Davis
1 Hedy Fay hedy.fay@mnps.org  
1 Emily Skaug emily.skaug@mnps.org  
2 Shereka Cawl shereka.cawl@mnps.org Lonnell Matthews
2 Johonna Garrett johonna.garrett@mnps.org  
2 Tracie Kilty tracie.kilty@mnps.org  
3 Jermaine Caruthers jermaine.caruthers@mnps.org Ruthann Getz
3 Lauren Haywood lauren.haywood@mnps.org  
3 Keyona Moxey keyona.moxy@mnps.org  
4 Dr. Nikki Hughes nikki.hughes@mnps.org Ruthann Getz
4 Angela Moore angela.moore@mnps.org Ruthann Getz
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