"Since our founding 30 years ago, Book’em has distributed over one million books to underserved youth all across Nashville and the surrounding communities in Davidson County. We hope that equates to a million doors opened to new worlds and ideas, and a million lives that have been touched by the joy of reading. We’re of course celebrating these million additional books in the community, but the celebration would not be complete without highlighting the importance of those who help keep our shelves stocked through the gift of books. There are so many people who give in so many ways—we are grateful to be part of such an enormous network of generosity! One of the big ways in which people donate their time, efforts, AND books is through organizing book drives.

Book drives are organized by individuals, families, companies, civic groups, clubs, congregations, schools, community organizations, and more. It’s been incredible to see how many books can come out of the woodwork simply by putting out a call for them. If you are interested in holding a book drive to benefit Book’em (and helping us work toward giving out the next million books!) please check out our book drive resources at www.bookem-kids.org/donate.

Sending out a huge thank you to a few of our community partners who have held book drives in the past month:

  • US Storage Centers, who coordinated a multi-location Back-to-School book drive at three of their Nashville and Brentwoodlocations, and collected 234 books to kick the school year off right.
  • Postmates, who collected 189 books in addition to sending several groups of volunteers out to Book’em, helping to sort and process donated books.
  • Kraft CPAs, who held a book drive in their office and then processed the 110 books they collected at a Sip ‘n Sort, where they came to Book’em for an evening of wine and children’s book sorting.

Book drives play an invaluable role in helping us work toward our mission, and we thank the more than 50 schools, businesses, and organizations who have held a drive for Book’em this year so far, collecting a grand total of 22,761 books (and counting) for Nashville’s kids!


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